America Idol finale runner-up La’Porsha Rene was always regarded as the frontrunner of the grand singing competition, thanks to her colossal soulful voice, wide singing capabilities, magnetic/inspiring personality, distinct looks and nailing performances. Most of the judges and past contestants rooted for her, as she was the most talented vocalist this season.


Many people had expected her to beat creative rocker boy Dalton Rapottini and soulful countrymen Trent Harmon. Here are some trivia, some tiny-winy goodies you may not know about her

She was a star on her first audition

Indeed, if someone turns Radiohead’s rock/grunge hit Creep to a distinct R&B performance, then the individual beyond any doubt merits all the credit. La’Porsha could mirror her life torments through the song, flawlessly adjusting high-low notes with her wide vocal capabilities and amazing vocal reverbs. The execution was a minute to recall.

Without a doubt, her performance sounded like a blend of Kimberly Nicole and Radio Jukebox version of the song. Arguably, La’Porsha rendition looks more connected to the song’s emotion and meaning.

Jennifer Lopez held her baby daughter Nayalee while she sang her audition song

Her baby daughter proved that she was a star like her mother during the audition. Prior to singing, La’Porsha had revealed that Nayalee sometimes tries to sing along with her. Amazingly, Nayleee would later lit up whenever Porsha would hit the high notes during her performance. Importantly, it was a moment to remember not only because La’Porsha could prove that she is a vocal powerhouse but also because it seemed like a mother singing gracefully to her daughter reflecting her life troubles.

She is the second American Idol runner-up ever to get a record deal He past cries in pains

19, Big Machine and Motown Records all hopped into an agreement to sign the gifted vocalist to a partnership record in a bid to make her the next big thing. The first American Idol runner-up who was honored a record arrangement was Season 11’s runner-up Jessica Sanchez.

He past cries in pains

She is a domestic violence survivor. She is such a softhearted and kind individual, to the point that she once took back her abusive husband even after he was charged with 5 counts of batteries and rape.

More precisely, she wedded an air force veteran at the age of 18 after her high school graduation. Later, she generated enough courage to leave the abusive marriage and started living in a shelter. However, her husband persuaded her to move back and not to testify against him in the Airforce court. Fortunately, she finally ended the marriage shortly after her daughter was born. She then took care of her daughter as a single mother living in a local shelter house and later attaining a job as a call center representative.

She had a strict upbringing

Her military father always wanted La’Porsha and her sister to join the military. He demanded that his daughters must have definitive plans in life. Her strict upbringing barred her for pursuing music career back then.

She changed her father mind

In an interview, her father later admitted that he is happy to be wrong. Today, he is so proud of La’porsha and her American Idol success.

She is a good sport

She has taken her American idol defeat calmly. In a post-American idol interview, she has insisted that Trent won the show because of his talents.

Comfortable in her own skin

Nailing her performances like a diva, believing in her values, carrying herself beautifully to suggesting her fans to love who they are, she proved that she not only is a talented singer but also a praiseworthy personality.

I’ve also gotten messages from men and women who are not the most attractive in their minds, or are self-conscious about their weight. They’re thanking me for doing songs like ‘Proud Mary’ and shaking a tailfeather, because they say I seem real comfortable in my skin and it made them want to be comfortable in theirs.

And I get a lot of messages about my hair, because people want to of course express themselves but are afraid to because they’re scrutinized by society. So in a lot of ways, I’ve been an advocate for a lot of different things on the show. And in my heart, that really made me a winner inside.

La’Porsha sobbed during pregnant Kelly Clarkson’s emotional “Piece By Piece” performance this season including Keith Urban, whose father had died 3 months earlier.

It is the song Kelly wrote when she was pregnant with her little girl. When she started singing the song, the atmosphere became nostalgic and she herself broke down into tears. If you may, the song charted to no one position on iTunes solo chart within minutes.

  • She extracts inspiration from movie scores, like 2010’s Karate Kids scores when she is feeling down.
  • Her debut single “Battles” is written by American singer Jake “Who Is Fancy” Hagwood.
  • She is a big sized beauty possessing colossal brown afro.
  • She didn’t want to sing Lorraine Ellison’s Stay With Me because she felt that the song is making a woman begging for love.  She nailed the song anyway. However, it wasn’t her strongest performance and we know why.
  • She moved Jennifer Lopez into tears after sharing her abusive past story and performing “No More Drama” on March 17, episode.
  • She regards her colossal brown afro as a distinct Self. If you may, her hair name is Coco-Mo
  • She is a talented run/riff singer who is vocally competent than many professional singers today in terms of vocal technique and capabilities. Her flow, delivery, vocal range, and texture is simply phenomenal
  • Her anti-LGBT comments brought her in a circle of controversy. In her defense, she has clearly stated that everyone should respect each other opinion and differences.
  • Both Trent and La’Porsha hail from Mississippi. Both are credited for their wide vocal range. This was the closest battle ever.