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Todd Chrisley is no stranger to rumors. The real estate mogul’s sexuality has been questioned for a long time. People think that Chrisley is a closeted gay man despite the fact that he is married with five children and Chrisley has been married twice. So, is he really gay and what does his wife Julie Chrisley think about it?

Chrisley has documented his family’s lavish life in reality Tv series, Chrisley Knows Best since 2014. He is a highly successful businessman who is apparently broke due to bankruptcy. But today, we will be taking a look at his personal life, past affair, marriage, divorce, children, gay rumors and many more.

Todd Chrisley Sexuality, Gay Rumors

To address the elephant in the room, no Chrisley is not gay. He is a straight man with a loving wife and family. He addressed the rumors on the Domenick Nati Show saying that he finds it flattering that people think he is gay. However, he made it clear that he is not against anyone being gay. It is just that he is not. The rumors do not seem to bother him.

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According to Chrisley, his wife Julie also finds the rumors flattering. She thinks that it is a compliment how men and women alike find her husband attractive. Well, at the end of the day, Chrisley is hers so we can understand that.

Todd Chrisley Marriage and Children

The business person has married twice in life. He was married to ex-wife, Teresa Terry for quite some time. It is unknown when the two actually tied the knot. The couple has a son named Kyle and a daughter named Lindsie. The pair got divorced in 1996.

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However, Chrisley did not stay single for a long time. After a few months of divorce, he began dating and soon married his now wife, Julie Chrisley. The two have been together for more than a decade now.

The couple is blessed with three children; a daughter Savannah and two sons Chase and Grayson. His children from the previous marriage also live together with them.

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YouTube: Chrisley Knows Best Funny Moments;

The whole family beside Kyle Chrisley star in the reality show. The couple is very supportive of each other. They keep interest in their children’s life. The couple looks very happy on the screen. The family shares a strong bond.

Todd Chrisley and Julie Chrisley Off Screen Relation

The couple has a close relationship on-screen. But is this all just for show? According to some sources, the pair does not have a good relationship off-screen. They apparently had conflicts. The sources claimed that the Chrisley and Julie led completely separate lives. Furthermore, the insider revealed that they did not share the same amount of love and affection as they do on screen.

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However, according to a friend, the pair is not going to divorce. They both need each other to keep up with their image of a perfect family. Chrisley and Julie are yet to comment on the topic. As of now, there have been no rumors of them dating other people.

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Well, it is not clearly known if their marriage is just for the TV. Hopefully, they will solve their differences and have a successful relationship.