Quick Facts Tyanna Jones

  • NameTyanna Jones
  • ProfessionAmerican Singer

Hollywood is one of the places where you can rich from the zero level to rich category in just a moment of time. We have seen many cases where this kind of miracles does have happened and it’s pretty good to know such people coming from such background and shaking the whole world. Tyanna Jones bio is something which really influences the people who have real talent but afraid to push themselves. The hard struggle and night less sleepy days has finally over for Tyanna. Nowadays, she is quite busy with her tight schedule, and overall she is earning a lot which has made her forget who she was once.


Tyanna Jones bio includes lots of trouble and disappointed, though she is young but she has faced all the trouble in the world. Born in the year 1998, February 24 and is currently best known as American singer and top 5 finalists in American Idol season 14. Talking about her early childhood, it’s not quite good to mesmerize as she has many ups and downs.

She has been raised with her mother along with other 10 children to the family. She has been in the singing field from the very small age and has a very mournful voice. She was best known for her voice during her childhood and used to sing for church. The days were harsh, the family was entirely related to church and has to remain homeless for many months. She attended Douglas Anderson School where she used to sing and everyone was quite impressed with her voice.

The turning point came her in life when she fills the form for the audition of American Idol season 14. After having a couple of auditions to different places, she had her final auditions in San Francisco. To attend the final audition, she and her mother flew from their origin with a very small amount of money. During the American Idol tour, Tyanna arranged lots of money which can cover all her expenses during the tour.

Though the absolute voice didn’t make it to the top, she has gained huge respect from the audience and yes, she has been to the top in her daily life. She doesn’t have to wonder about money anymore, the soulful life has finally won. Though it’s not quite clear however the source these days states that she is earning a lot which has helped to boost Tyanna Jones’s net worth. Tyanna Jones youtube channel is getting heated every single day and hopefully, there will be more coming from her side.