A happily married man is one, who understand each and every word that his wife didn’t say. And the most popular American news commenter and author Van Jones is also included in the category of happily married man. He is also a co-founder of several non-profit organization and is also recognized as a “Young Global Leader”.


Van Jones is married to Jana Carter and is blessed with two children. There is no any rumor of their breakup or any controversies. Do you want to know the reason behind their happily married life? So without any delay let’s know about their relationship, married life, and children. Let’s get started.

Van Jones and Jana Carter’s Relationship

Jana holds a J.D from ‘UC Berkeley’s School Law’. She is the director of the search for ‘Common Ground’s USA Racial Healing Program. She is more involved in politics whereas Van is also an American news commentator.

[ CAPTION: Jana Carter and Van Jones ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

Both professions are correlated with each other and there is very high chance that they meet during the time of their work. Well, they have not yet shared about their love affair but we all can assume this.

Van Jones and Jana Carter a Happily Married Couple

Talking about the marriage relationship between Van and Jana, they are a very quiet couple because they haven’t revealed anything about their marriage relationship. But they are supposed to be in a marriage relationship for a long period of time.

[ CAPTION: Jana Carter and Van Jones ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

They don’t seem to be too active on the social media, as most of the couple share their love through social media but they seem to be very secretive in the case of their personal life.

Well, they hide of open up their long love relationship, we can guess that they really are true lovers as they still together without any rumor of divorce or breakups and are living happily with their two children.

Van Jones and Jana Carter’s children

However, the couple has revealed the name of their children. They have two children Mattai Jones around 9 years and Cabral Jones around 12 years. Van posted in 2008 on his Facebook page showing the glimpses of his wife and two children.

[ CAPTION: Jana Carter and Van Jones with children ][ SOURCE: Facebook ]

He also shared the information about his wife to Oakland magazine in which he described Jana’s as a power tool kind of girl and very independent and hence we can assume that there is still love and care between the two happily married couple.

There is no any doubt that the couple with their children are spending a luxurious time without any problem. Let’s know about the net worth of Van Jones.

Van Jones Net Worth

Van has an estimated net worth of $1.1 million dollars. And it seems that he is fulfilling all the desire of his family. We hope that he will soon increase his net worth in upcoming days.