If you are an American Football fan, then you know who Primetime NFL reporter Deion Luywnn Sanders Sr. is? Working as an analyst for the CBS Sports and the NFL Network Sanders is currently going through a rough time. He separated from the actress Pilar Sanders after a long 14-year marriage.


Divorce is a hard thing for all. And if it happens after such a long period, then it sure will make your life a hellish position to be in. Today, we will talk about the reason for Pilar Sanders and Deion Sanders divorce. Just what went wrong between them and also, who won the custody battle.

Pilar Sanders & Deion Sanders Divorce Controversies

Pilar Sanders and Deion Sanders started their relationship back in 1999. They have three children together but, they got separated in 2013. The story behind their divorce?

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The story of their divorce comes as one of the ugliest in Hollywood. With the divorce battle in place, her husband told the reporters that Pilar was a gold digger, a cheater, and even a child abuser. The divorce was filed by Deion Sanders in 2011 and it is still being clashed about. 

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Pilar Sanders told some tabloid websites that the news of their divorce was only known to her after she read it on the internet. Her lawyer told the reporters that she was heartbroken and awestruck when she heard the news.

For her husband’s cheating allegations, Pilar also told the reporters that she will prove herself innocent.

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With her lost in the divorce battle, she told the tabloid source that she was 24/7 at home. However, Deion deemed Pilar a cheater because he did not have his way. She also told that all of these trials have made her realize that the system had opened her eyes.

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On a recent note, Pilar Sanders has reversed back a defamation win lawsuit won by her former husband, Deion Sanders where she had to pay him a total of $2.2 million as a payout. On 29th August 2017, she was deemed victorious and reversed back the payouts she owed.

Pilar Sanders Custody Battle?

With every divorce comes a custody battle. The same thing followed after the divorce between Pilar Sanders and Deion Sanders. They had a total of 3 children, 2 sons, and a daughter. So, after their separation, both of them have been battling it out continuously until now.  

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Currently, the children are with his father Deion Sanders. However, Pilar Sanders is still trying to take charge of her children. On a recent evidence, it is seen that Pilar won the custody battle of her daughter, Shelomi and her son, Shilo. Their elder son is yet to get along with her mother.

[ CAPTION: Pilar Sanders and her children ][ SOURCE: Baller Alert ]

With all things considered, this divorce battle between Pilar and Deion Sanders turned out to be one of the ugliest divorce battles in the Hollywood industry. With their battle still in play, let’s just hope that the battle ends quickly.