Why god Why?? We had a deal!! Let the others grow old! Not Me!!

We all remember Joey Tribbiyani from the popular American sitcom Friends, Don’t we? If yes, then we are also familiar with one of its episode, “When They All Turn Thirty??”


If not then let me give you some details of the episode, It was Jennifer Aiston or Rachel’s 30th Birthday, and they made a flashback of Joey’s 30th Birthday. And Joy reaction on his birthday was epic. He said, the same thing given above.

Now, Matt LaBlanc who played the role of Joey Tribbiani turned 50 on 25th July 2017. On his birthday his fans cannot resist the chance to tease him with his own dialogues of growing old.

Thousands of Birthday tweets are floating all over the media with the Why God Why caption. On the day of his Birthday, we are going to provide top Joey Tribiyanni moments.

Matt LaBlanc top moments as Joey Tribbiyani

Matt’s fans ruled all over the social media updating their status wishing Joey Tribiyani Happy Birthday and making trolls of his own dialogue.  On the day of such a legendary actors birthdays lets check out his top funny and memorable moments.

As it is Matt’s birthday, we will start with his 30th Birthday reaction.

1) Why God Why?? We had a deal!! Let the others grow old! Not Me!!

Youtube: When They All Turn Thirty, Rachel’s birthday:

2) How You Doin??

Joey’ pick up line to pick chicks, and everybody falls for his catchphrase. He slightly looks up to the girl and with a cute smile on his faces says; How You Doin??

Youtube: How You Doin;

Youtube: Emilia Clarke loves Matt LeBlanc | How you doing!

3)Joey Doesn’t share food

One of the best Joey’s catchphrases on the show comes after he goes to date a girl and gets mad about his date ate his food, cause you know Joey Doesn’t share food.

Youtube: Joey Doesn’t Shere food;

4)Hand Twin

Friends season 6, episode, The one in Vegas; Joey finds his hand twin and writes a song about its thinking he would be famous. The song goes, “this hand is your hand, this hand is my hand“.

Youtube: The hand is your hand;

5)Joey speaks French

Above all, Joey’s iconic moments include when he tries to learn French. In the episode, Pheobe or Lisa Kudrow tries to teach Joey French for his audition. And even after many tries joey mouth was not even close but still he felt he was speaking correctly.

Youtube: Joey tries to speak French;

We wish Happy Birthday to such a funny and loving guy and wish him good luck for his bright future. Happy Birth Matt LeBlanc.