A successful actor and model who is best known as Eddie Thawne in The Flash is the young and dashing actor Richard James Cosnett. Do you remember the movie? Yes, we are talking about the 33-year-old a Zimbabwean-Australian actor Rich who is a sensitive and enthusiastic actor as said by himself.


Richard is rumored to be a gay as his character is gay on the TV series Quantico. So, what do you think about it? He is most of the time rumored to be gay but what’s the truth behind it? So do you wanna know the truth related to his sexuality? And about his dating desire? Well then let’s get into it.

Richard Gay in Quantico

The popular American TV series Quantico openly portrayed Richard as a gay. And he also played the role without any hesitation and he also had said a lot about his role. He said:

The character is a very authentic one, a fierce and confident character but soft at heart.

[ CAPTION: Rick Cosnett ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

The character gay has been easy for him as he said it was a very easy thing to do. But the media marked him a question- Is Richard gay?

Let’s watch this video which show’s his gay role;

Is Richard Cosnett Gay?

The rumor against the sexuality of Rich was the shocking news to the media and obviously to his fans. But, Richard is not a gay. Rich clear out the question of his gender himself. He was questioned as a gay when he played the role of gay in the movie Quantico along with the Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra, Li Jun Li, and Simone Alexandra Johnson.

[ CAPTION: Rick Cosnett ][ SOURCE: Pinimg ]

Rick’s acting as a gay in that movie was outstanding so he was suspected as gay also in his real life. Rumors have no any proof they are just created especially in the life of celebrity and Rick was badly involved in this rumor but it’s all clear that he is not gay he was just considered after his character as Elisa.

[ CAPTION: Rick Cosnett ][ SOURCE: People ]

Richard Cosnett Dating Desire

Walking through the life of Rich, he is not involved in any relationship from the beginning. His dating history is nil ‘0’. He revealed that he loves spontaneity.

During an interview, he talks about how he saw himself, he said he was sensitive and reserved person. He furthermore adds:

I am just really grounded and funny. Seriously, though, jokes aside, I suppose I am sensitive and enthusiastic. 

[ CAPTION: Rick Cosnett and Michael Malarkey ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

He also has talked about the ideal date. He said he likes spontaneity,

“The date not going to plan and something spontaneous. Maybe even something embarrassing happening and it turning out better than you ever imagined.”

[ CAPTION: Rick Cosnett ][ SOURCE: pinimg ]

We hope that Rick will find his loving partner very soon. Do you want to know, how much is Rick Cosnett net worth? Well, with his struggling life, he has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

Additionally, He also owns a new apartment in Chegutu, Zimbabwe, Africa. Being a struggling actor we hope that he will soon increase his net worth in upcoming days.