CAPTION: Stefan Hell
SOURCE: Kavliprize

Stefan hell is a famous German physicist. By birth, he is a Romania. He was born on the date of 1962; December 23rd. He is a physician as well as a chemist. He was born in a place named Arad, Romania. Even though he was born in Romania he is a nationality of German. He belongs to the family of Banat Swabian. He spent his childhood in a place named Santana. By profession, his mother was a teacher and His father was a well-known engineer. His family migrated and settled in the place named Ludwigshafen of German.

He is known as a highly educated person. He did his primary schooling from Romania from the year 1969 till 1977. He completed his high school from the Nikolaus Lenau High School in Timisoara. After his high school his parents moved to German. He continued his further studies at the Heidelberg University of German. He became a doctorate in physics in the year 1990. For his doctorate his thesis professor was physicist Siegfried Hunk linger also known as solid state physicist. His thesis subject was on “Imaging of transparent microstructures in a confocal microscope”.

He started his professional career from the year 1991. From 1991 till 1993 he worked for the European Molecular Biology Laboratory which was in the place named Heidelberg. While working in the European molecular lab he was successful in proving his principles on 4-Pi microscopy in practical way.

From the year 1993 till the year 1996 he was the group leader in the University of Turku of the country Finland. He worked in the Department of Medical Physics. While working for Turku University he found out the theory of stimulated emission depletion known as STED microscopy. From the year 1993 till 1994 He went for a 6 months program or learning with the scientist at the University of Oxford of the country England. He also obtained habitation due to physics from the University of Heidelberg in the year 1996. On the date of 2002 15th October 2002, he was elected as the director of the Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry. After that, he added the department of Nanobiophotonics. After the year 2003, he became the head of the department “Optical Nanoscopy division” of the German Cancer Research Centre (DKFZ) in Heidelberg and also a Professor in the University Faculty of Physics and Astronomy at Heidelberg.

He also made a virtual cap group of graduates, professor and other experts. He made this virtual team as a form of lab where people can contribute their ideas for development of principles and theory. He named the virtual lab as Stefan Heller. He also received many prizes and awards during his lifetime. He received noble prize and kavli prize in chemistry in the year 2014. He also found out the solution for hearing loss with the help of Stefan Heller group. His articles and findings are being published by many publications. His findings can be found under the scientific findings and publications section.

His personal life and relation are good. He married to Anna-Kathrin Hell. Even though he is a very busy person he is able to maintain his personal life. His wife is very understanding and co-operative.

He is an average guy but due to his unlimited talent, he is known by people all over the world. He is a hardworking and also a very serious type of person. He is a bald person. Now he doesn’t have hair in his head. He also wears spectacles.

If people want to learn and contribute knowledge about physics and chemistry he can be contacted through email as well as his contact number. His email address is [email protected] and also he can be contacted in the number is +49 (0)551 201 250.