After a breakup with Kourtney Kardashian, it seems like Scott Disick is finally addressing all those dating rumors with Sofia Richie. Only a few people know Sofia’s profession. And if you don’t know then, she is an American fashion model.

Can you believe that the 34-year-old man is dating the 19-year-old teenager? However, there are some advantages to dating an older man when you are a teenager. And this time here is the romantic love story between Scott (34) and Sofia (19). Are you all ready to know more about their relationship? If yes then just be with us.

Scott Disick in a Romantic Love Relationship with Sofia Richie

Scott and Sofia finally addressed their relationship in the public. In the past days, they were not opening up their relationship in front of the public. And after the duo walked the street, got lunch, and went shopping together on Wednesday, Sept 13, they continue to fuel their dating rumor.

Scott Disick with Sofia Richie Scott Disick with Sofia Richie, Source: Us Weekly

And this proves that they are moving closer and closer. A source revealed:

Sofia is “smitten” with Scott

An insider revealed to People:

“It’s obvious that she looks up to Scott. She constantly giggles around him. They are very flirty. Scott takes care of her, opens the car door and pays for everything.”

Do you know- Sofia and Scott’s dating rumor started when they were spotted together at the Cannes Film Festival but at that time they denied.

Scott Disick and Sofia Richie Scott Disick and Sofia Richie, Source: The Sun

But at present, they finally addressed their relationship and we hope that the lovebirds will remain together until the end of their life.

So, do you wanna know more about Scott’s relationship with Kourtney? If yes then just stick us.

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Scott Disick Relationship with Kourtney Kardashian

Both Scott and Kourtney seem to be moved on as they are dating others after the separation. They are dating new respective partners. They broke up nearly 2 years ago but they still spend quality of time together as they co-parent their children.

 Scott and Kourtney Scott and Kourtney, Source: Pinterest

Kourtney first meets Scott at a party in Mexico and they soon begin dating. In the year 2009, the couple breaks up when Scott was caught texting a woman but they restore friendly relations before the birth of their first child.

After the birth of their first child, everything was going ok but Scott could not restrain his drinking habit and Kourtney threatened Scott to take away Mason (their first child).

In the year 2012, their second daughter- Penelope was born. When Kourtney was again pregnant with third child, Scott’s father died just after three months of his wife. And Scott didn’t go home to Kourtney after he was informed about her third pregnancy.

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 During the year 2013- 2015, both Scott and Kourtney were rumored to be hooking up with different personalities. Well, they are no longer in a love relationship and they are not back together as a couple but are together just to raise their 3 kids. Scott and Kourtney.

Instagram: Kourtney and Scott with their children

Although Scott and Kourtney separated and are dating different person but are still together for the sake of their children.

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